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Coal Store Omakase 5000 yen (tax excluded) course

5000 Yen

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Available days for reservation
Tuesday, Sunday, Public Holiday, Holidays

It is a course cooking from appetizer to steak.Especially when there is no hope, dessert etc is not attached.Please check the course content.

Course menu

Course contents are basically 4000 yen course

4000 yen course example

Today's fresh fish carpaccio

Basil sauce scallops

Today's soup


Steak of domestic beef fillet (about 100 g)

The configuration is the same

There are some variations such as increasing the number of items and increasing the volume of the main steak.

When you make a net reservation from Mr. Hot Pepper, in particular if there is no designation or preference we will leave it all in our store.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or hope.

2017/02/23 update